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​Shanghai airport frontier inspection remind to sign after getting a passport

Date: 2012-12-05

    We Shanghai on November 26 go abroad to do passport it was obvious to everyone, but to do good passport (new electronic passport except) to sign the signature of the passport is a lot of people ignored.According to the Shanghai airport the immigration department is introduced, in addition to the new electronic passport in data page has collected personal signature information, without the signature, LaoBan Chinese passport to apply for all in after signature.

  Recently, the Shanghai airport frontier inspection youth volunteer service team in pudong airport terminal T2 entry hall of 100 passengers a Chinese passport for random inspection, found that there are three no signature, the immigration police on the spot to the passenger to explain the importance of signature, and remind passengers signature according to the requirement.Due to the passport no signature, by foreign immigration authorities to hold the invalid certificates for reject entry case is not rare.According to the German immigration authorities feedback data, from January to September this year, more than 100 Chinese passenger, hold the unsigned passport, from Beijing and Shanghai two ports to Munich airport, there are twenty passengers were refused entry.

  Shanghai airport frontier inspection department said, passport signature and credit card signature function is the same, the purpose is to prevent passport was forged or been misappropriated.Some foreign immigration department in passenger after destination carefully check the authenticity of a passport, and asked passengers to sign signature and passport for matching.

  To this, the Shanghai airport frontier inspection remind the entry and exit passenger, get the passport, mainland residents exchanges of HongKong and macow, mainland residents current Taiwan pass and other entry and exit certificate, shall promptly sign your signature in the space provided.