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Features of North and South Building

Date: 2020-09-08

Room Service

The hotel is composed of north and south floors and a sky bar, with a total of 712 guest rooms. Among them, the South Building Hotel has 274 guest rooms, providing guests with four-star accommodation services; the North Building has 439 guest rooms and Merrill Lynch’s chef, creating a three-star home for guests.

South Building

The guest rooms are unique in style. They are all round large beds, with spotlights shining on the bed at night, making you feel graceful, elegant and warm.


North Building

Simplicity and yet unrelenting, if the guest rooms in the south building are elegant peonies, the ones in the north building are hibiscus.
There is also a view room in the north building, where you can look at the coast of the East China Sea and enjoy the unique airport scenery, allowing you to truly experience the "open sea and sky" feeling. At the South Tower Hotel, you can witness the plane sliding on the runway and then looking up until it rushes to the blue sky!