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Catering Services

Date: 2020-09-11

Catering Services

The South Tower Hotel has an airport restaurant, and the sky bar connects the north and south floors. It is like a mysterious UFO descending on the Pudong Airport. It is an excellent place for guests to relax while busy.

Airport Restaurant

Nanlou Airport Restaurant is based on Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai cuisines, and gathers the best of all major cuisines across the country to create Shanghai-style specialty Shanghai cuisine. The restaurant lobby has 300 seats, and is equipped with a large water feature, elegant music, and creates a refreshing dining environment. At the same time, the restaurant also has 6 luxurious private rooms, which are elegant places for you to dine and negotiate. The buffet restaurant provides you with an economical, comfortable and elegant dining environment, and delivers delicious food to your business trip!

Restaurant panorama                                                 Paris Room                                                  Beijing Room

Sky bar

The sky bar that connects the top floors of the North and South Buildings is filled with modern atmosphere, resembling a UFO. Sitting in this "spaceship", you can feel Li Bai's voice: "Raise your glass to invite the bright moon and ask the wine to the sky"; Karaoke sound is available The effect is excellent, all imported speakers from the United States are used. At the same time, you can also look around Pudong Airport, and at night you can also tell the joy of business travel to the sky full of stars.


Bar appearance                                                        bar                                                       Bar corridor