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Shandong promotes the construction of tourist homestay clusters

Date: 2023-07-01

On June 30th, the Shandong Provincial Tourism Homestay Cluster Promotion Event, hosted by the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, was held in the Jiurushan Waterfall Group Scenic Area of Jinan City.

It is reported that in recent years, Shandong Province has vigorously developed rural tourism, actively promoted the construction of tourist homestay clusters, and found a new path to promote rural revitalization, contributing tourism strength to rural revitalization and cultivating new consumption growth points.

Sun Shu'e, a member of the Party Group, Deputy Director, and First Level Inspector of the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, stated that in order to promote the long-term healthy development of tourist homestay clusters, efforts should be made to increase overall planning. Each city should attach great importance to it and improve its business guidance ability. The main leaders of the township party and government should personally grasp it and strive for financial support; We need to strengthen graded training, focus on the cultivation of business management talents, optimize the environment for talent development, create conditions in areas such as housing, medical care, and education, so that workers can stay at ease and work smoothly in rural areas; We need to strengthen planning and marketing, focus on brand cultivation in cluster areas, follow up on market demand, and continuously improve our brand building, product development, and butler service forging capabilities. Shandong Province will conduct dynamic management of cluster areas.

About 150 people, including experts from both inside and outside Shandong Province, relevant leaders of cultural and tourism bureaus in various cities, leaders of tourism homestay clusters and cultivation units, award-winning representatives of homestay design competitions, and representatives of tourism homestay equipment manufacturers, participated in the event. At the event, the organizer presented awards to the winning representatives of the homestay design competition and announced the establishment of the Shandong Provincial Tourism homestay Cluster Alliance. The relevant person in charge of Xiaohongshu Technology Co., Ltd. and the representative of the tourism homestay gathering area made an exchange speech.